Spotify Tap™

Spotify Tap playback is music to your ears. To get the tunes playing just start with a simple tap. Once you've set it up, put on your headphones, tap and go.

Getting Started

Simply set up Spotify Tap in the companion app for your device, and then get straight to the music.

Follow these simple steps to activate Spotify Tap on your supported headphones.

1. Download the companion app for your headphones

2. Open the companion app and find the settings for the soft button configuration

3. Set Spotify as the soft button service and save

Now simply tap the headphone soft button and Spotify will immediately resume from where you last left off. If there is no previous session, or if you're not feeling it, simply tap again and you'll hear some other music we think you'll like.

You can continue to tap to switch things up.

Listening is everything

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